Here are some of the nice things our clients are saying about BaySail School & Yacht Charters.  Our goal is to make sure that everyone who attends our classes or charters our yachts shares the same first-rate experience too.

From TripAdvisor:

“…an excellent option. It’s not just about the money for them, they really enjoy helping new sailors get started.”

Reviewed May, 2017

Ever since I first took out a daysailer in the 1970’s, my dream has been to get back on the water. But, then along came a wife, kids, a business and all the other obligations life throws at you when you live over 60 miles from the nearest navigable water. So, here I was, 60 y/o with a girlfriend who shared my dream even though she had never sailed before. So, I looked into the idea of checking this one off our bucket list…

Excellent School & Experience

We recently took the ASA 101 course with Captain Jack at Baysail and enjoyed our course, learned lots, had fun and got a certificate too! What is not to love about that?! The team at Baysail are all really efficient and friendly and we will definitely be back to do our other certifications next year.

Outstanding operation! Great for learning to sail and chartering!

I’ve taken numerous ASA courses at Baysail and chartered several times over the past 10 years… each experience has been great. The courses are taught by well-trained and knowledgeable captains. Even though you are taking a class, it’s actually fun and feels like you are just sailing around the Bay for most of it. The captains do a great job of just incorporating instruction into whatever you happen to be doing at that time…
If you are considering getting into sailing, this is a great way to start. I HIGHLY recommend it. What Baysail has taught me has really changed my life and opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for me and my family!

From Yelp!:

Reviewed June 23, 2016

We took the ASA sailing school class 101 and the class was fantastic!  We really learned so much about sailing in the class.  We were on a 22 foot sailboat with another couple and the instructor Bill.  Everyone had a chance to do a lot of sailing.  We will be coming back to sail some more on our own with their boats and get more practice with sailing. Bill was a great instructor and really made you feel comfortable.